Who we are


The idea that encouraged us to get into organic farming is to improve the quality and texture of soil. The indiscrimate use of chemical fertilizer & pesticides have left it's harmful traces on the health of humans and environment. Our vision is to explore the second Green Revolution and make India completely a Organic India.


Our vision is to help agriculture make transition to a sustainable organic system of farming which is ecologically stable,economical to farmers and improving the present texture of soil which is left barren due to chemical inputs.

Based on strength of continuous R & D, advanced technology & excellent quality, MBF has a good market in over 14 states, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Tamilnadu, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Telangana & Kerala with availability of material in more than 1 lac retail outlets. Company will be soon entering in another 3 states in coming year. Company staff includes a team of total 422 highly efficient members who have good knowledge of agriculture. We offer solutions to our clients through technical support & consultation. Advanced techniques on large scale & well trained personnel leads to products with excellent quality on consistent basis.

MBF is now an Iso 9001 Certified Company & has been subsidized & approved by National Horticultural Mission & APEDA( Ministry Of Commerce, Govt of India). MBF has also been awarded by the certification for the organic products from BIOCERT.

Company has its own institute for agriculturally important R & D named as Maharashtra Agricultural Institute for Training, Testing and Research (MAITTR). MAITTR follows strict QC standards in manufacturing process that helps in continuously improving the production & development of new technologies to serve consumer needs. Creating awareness for Organic Farming, guiding the agro workers & farmers about eco friendly & natural ways of farming, solving the problems of farmers and by development of various Organic solutions are the main objectives of MAITTR.

Proving a helping hand to our farmer friends & serving Mother Earth is the main goal of Maharashtra Biofertilizers India Pvt. Ltd., Latur.