We at Maharashtra Bio Fertilizers India Pvt. Ltd are committed to manufacture and supply Bio Fertilizers and Organic Insecticides to achieve enhanced customer satisfaction by establishing and maintaining quality management system in accordance with requirement of international standards ISO-9001.

Besides we shall ensure the process of continual improvement of system at all functional levels by establishing and reviewing quality objectives. This policy shall be reviewed and revised if needed to meet changing needs of interested parties for continued suitability.

We shall operate in a manner in the process of sustainable development to protect the environment and the health of all interested parties duing manufacture and supply Bio Fertilizers, Organic insecticides and fungicides. To achieve this, we shall:

  • Abide by applicable legislation and other relevant requirement and emphasis on continual improvements and preventive measures for environment, health & safety.
  • Aim to eliminate all incidents and injuries
  • Minimize the risks when handling, storage, processing of products.
  • Continuosly evaluate, control and minimize the wastage of groups resources and energy consumption.
  • Be obligated to inform interested parties about our activities and products. This policy will be reviewed periodically and made available to all interested parties in line with continual improvement of organisational Safety, Health & Environmental performance.