Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Response to production, research and development of diversified formulations and various products. Our Company established a “Testing Center” according to high standards, and equipped such testing center with liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, laser particle sizer, viscosity tester, flash point apparatus, moisture teller, acidometer, potentiometer, titrometer, conductivity meter, gravimeter, whiteness meter and analyzing instruments for heat reservation (cold storage) tests, emulsification test and magnetism mixing, meeting technical index testing of various formulations. All quality inspectors major in Analysis and have accumulated many years of experience. Perfect operation standard and management policy of quality inspection center energetically safeguards tests of raw materials, in-process product and final product and sewage.

Content of technical material is the most important factor affecting preparation processing quality. High quality products are only made from high quality technical material. Technical material with lower content, more foreign substance and high acidity will cause different impacts on different formulations, such as powder dispersibility, nonconforming pH value, bad stability and difficulty in sedimentation of flocs in emulsifiable concentrate, poor transparency and deeper external color. In accordance with requirements for formulation quality, the Company will gradually increase the intensity of equipment updating and make efforts to ensure preparation quality from equipment and process.