Among India’s leading producers of organic fertilizers, the name that spells Quality and Trust, Maharashtra Biofertilizers (I) Pvt. Ltd. (MBF) has established a prime position for itself over the last decade across Indian markets. It has been set up in 2003 as a compost manufacturer, MBF, today, is a multi-product company.

MBF is clearly focused on actively shaping a promising future in a swiftly and dynamically changing world. We’re building resilience to steer ahead through a changing and challenging world economy, focused on enriching, nourishing and empowering lives.

MBF has over the years, built its capabilities to finer markets like price volatility, speed and strategy, based not just on an analysis of growth trends in Indian economy, but even deeper, on scale, resources, technology capability, quality and product diversification.

“Our focus is on action to capture value. Whether integrating backward into our raw materials or integrating forward to bring global sectorial depth to our strategies, we are committed to propelling the company into a new and exciting orbit.”

The company’s own institute MAITTR has always been improvising for betterment by stringent quality control system & best quality product series. With the advent of 21st century, a second green revolution has occurred. MBF has thus been trying to restore the natural ecological system. MBF in the past years has spread a wave across the nation, calling upon people to save Mother Earth & help nature restore its true form.

Being a developing country where most of our needs are primitive & crude, restraints in facilities limit the output of our economy. Under such conditions, serving the largest sector of India with the best of what we have is a responsibility we have committed ourselves to. MBF aims at serving generations to come. MBF wishes to engage in all social problems related to education, medical facilities, employment etc. for the overall betterment of society.

We believe in 3 step process-




We, not as a company, but as a family are privileged to serve the environment.