(Maharashtra Agricultural Institute for Training Testing & Research)


To bring innovative changes to the field of agriculture, so as to improve Mother Earth, Improve Crop & Ultimately Improve Life!

Main activities

Since its establishment, MAITTR is wholly devoted to checking quality of raw materials & finished products. It is also actively involved in organizing company’s conferences, Training programs & provides a scientific background of all products. Thus, the Farmers as well as marketing executives get the benefit from this and it become smoother to launch new product in market. In and all, MAITTR is information, research center and almost backbone of the company.


19th November 2003 inaugurated by Mr.Bill & Mrs.Cindy Duncan, Director, Earthcorp, company’s investor from Canada.


MAITTR is equipped for :

  • Soil testing Fertilizer testing
  • Water & Effluents testing
  • Compost testing
  • Raw material testing
  • Food & Industrial Analysis
  • All the product of the company are tested for the quality regularly & help the Company to provide the best to farmers & Quality checked tag is given by MAITTR to all the products before delivering to the market.

    Other activities

    Impart training to farmers, Dealer & distributors, Individual, HRD management, technical information center etc.